The Cercle de Sèvres

By joining the Cercle de Sèvres, you support exceptional craftsmen and contemporary creation.

 Help preserve the Manufacture’s unique skills and expertise, while also contributing to artistic creation and innovation.

Your support will:

  • Allow Sèvres to strengthen its professional training programmes: Sèvres’ exceptional on-site training meets the specific needs of its artisans, while also taking into consideration artistic and technological evolutions.
  • Help equip a Sèvres workshop with precision tools and other specialized arts and crafts equipment and materials.
  • Keep the Manufacture de Sèvres up-to-date with the latest technological advances: 3D modelling and printing, 3D digital scanning, digital manufacturing, R&D.


CC BY-SA - Coyau

Atelier de peinture - (c) Sèvres - Manolo Mylonas

(c) Sèvres - Nicolas Héron

Atelier du moulage reparage, pastillage - (c) cc by sa/coyau


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