Exquisite Skills

From October 2019 to August 2020

The Sèvres National Manufactory and Museum presents “Exquisite Skills”(La Beauté du geste), a year-long programme which includes the opening of a gallery and a school, exhibitions revealing the remarkable talents of Sèvres’ artisans and resident artists, and off-site projects.

Opening of the new Galerie des SavoirFaire

In October 2019, the National Ceramics Museum will open the new Galerie des SavoirFaire, which showcases the Sevres artisans’ unique skills and techniques. The gallery will unveil the creative processes and manufacturing secrets of Sèvres’ porcelain masterworks, from both the past and the present. The exhibition highlights the exceptional skills and expertise of the Manufactory’s artisans in connection to these creations, presented at the Museum.

Exquisite Skills is divided into two parts 

From 3 October 2019 to 9 March 2020, the first segment will explore: firing techniques and the magic of fire; Sèvres’ unique palette of a thousand colours; the sculpting of bisque porcelain; plates and political powers; the audacity and technical challenges behind the crafting of large vases.

From 26 March to 31 August 2020, the second segment will spotlight: drawings and designs; the singularity of porcelain painting; iconic Sèvres gold; furnishings; and Sèvres’ extravagant forms. One Sunday a month, visitors will be invited to contribute
to a collective piece of art. They will also follow fascinating discussions between the Manufactory’s artisans and guest artists, and lectures from the Museum’s curators. Throughout the season, Sèvres will offer various activities to explore Sèvres’ heritage
and crafts, such as guided tours of the Manufactory’s workshops or of the Museum’s masterpieces

L’École de Sèvres

L’Ecole de Sèvres will open its doors in September 2019, as a highly specialized school for the Manufactory’s artisans. A complement to “Exquisite Skills”, the school will also offer hands-on art classes for the general public (children and adults), as well as for the private sector. Training courses will also be held for professionals. Far from pixeled screens and virtual realities, these activities offer an intimate introduction to the artisans and their materials. Experience firsthand all the beauty and magic of Sèvres!