Galerie de Sèvres in Paris Et Sèvres créa le Bleu

8th June - 31st July 2020

For late spring and early summer, the Galerie de Sèvres in Paris is decked out in blue. An iconic colour of the Sèvres manufactory, all its shades are made in the laboratory, whose palette includes more than a thousand colours. From "bleu céleste" to "bleu Toguo" and the unmistakable "bleu de Sèvres", this colour with its many shades invites us on a journey through the porcelain creations from Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann to matali crasset.

© Rebecca Fanuele / Sèvres - Manufacture et Musée nationaux

A colour that is both consensual and identity-building, blue has been found in the creations of the Sèvres porcelain manufactory since the 18th century. The artists and designers invited by the institution have taken up this colour to give life to treasures, dressed in the most subtle blues to the most vivid and deepest blues. The exhibition is an opportunity to look back on a century of creations in Sèvres, which celebrates its 280th anniversary in 2020.

The blue(s) in Sèvres
Since the 1750s, the Manufacture de Vincennes, then the Manufacture de Sèvres has been making its own colours: celestial blue, lapis, new blue, beautiful blue make up the palette available to designers. The most famous shade used in Sèvres is undoubtedly the cobalt blue called "bleu de Sèvres". A first dark blue, of a hitherto unknown quality, had already been developed as early as 1752. It was listed as "antique blue", then "lapis blue" when it was laid irregularly or "big blue" when the colour was laid uniformly. Fascinated by the infinite range, some artists even went so far as to request the creation of new shades of blue during their residency in Sèvres.

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