Bespoke projects

For nearly three centuries, discerning collectors, lovers of rare works and passionate art enthusiasts have made the pilgrimage to Sèvres to bring their most audacious projects to life.

Boasting a graphic arts collection of over 50,000 drawings and designs, as well as a collection of original moulds preciously preserved and reutilized since the 18th century, the Manufacture also reproduces, upon request, the legendary works from its historic centuries-old catalogue. For each unique commission, the personalized project is carefully studied in close collaboration with the Manufacture's production and decoration workshops.

You can also enjoy the privilege of following the step-by-step progress of your project, from drawing up the original design to the final touch of Sèvres gold, by discovering our workshops during exceptional behind-the-scenes visits. Whether you opt for a tailormade, one-of-a-kind creation or the reproduction of a work once belonging to Marie Antoinette, Sèvres excellence and expertise bring to light your most beautiful dreams.

Lace Christian Biecher - (C) Oliver Amsellem

Hyber Institut Paster - (C) sevresciteceramique

Mathieu Peyroulet - Marie Laure en Amérique - (C) Wolfgang Burat

Penone Propagation Louvre Abu Dhabi - (C) sevresciteceramique

fresque métro Chateau Rouge Barthélémy Toguo - (C) sevresciteceramique




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